Heroes of a Bygone Age Reborn

You were a hero. In an age of epic struggles and climactic battles, you were a linchpin; the fate of the world, for good or ill, hung upon your shoulders. But then, the era of Legends ended, and you, and all of the heroes and villains like you, were suddenly cast down by a wrathful god.

In the middle of the greatest war the world has ever known, Aesur, God of the Sun, decided to intercede. The War, and the Age of Heroes that it had been a part of, was declared over by Divine Mandate. The Magelords who had ruled over humanity were slain. The Dragons who had been their rivals were cast into another plane of existence. And you, and those like you who had risen to hights of power beyond the reach of most mortals, were trapped in timeless stasis, waiting for a time when the world once more needed you…

Phoenix Rise: From the Ashes

This is the second attempt at starting a game with this concept that I have done. The first one suffered a failure to launch do to player disappearance. However this appropriately titled campaign is set to rise from the ashes of its death and sore like an eagle, that has been doused in kerosene and set ablaze.

This is going to be a largely “sandbox” style game, meaning the PC’s actions and choices will drive the story. You will be dropped into a world that is, at once, similar but very different to the one you knew before, and it is your decisions that will determine its fate. Even the villains of the game will be custom-tailored to your characters and back story.

This Wiki

There is an earlier wiki from my previous Phoenix Rise campaign. That’s going to make things confusing, mostly for me. My decision to create a new page was based on a few factors. First, my original Phoenix Rise game was going to be higher level than I eventually decided to do with this. Second, it, and some of its content, was tailored to the Players I had lined up for it, who are no longer involved.

In the end, if I wanted to use the previous Wiki, I would have had to gut it and practically start over again. It is easier to create a fresh campaign and start from there.

Phoenix Rise: From the Ashes

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