The Divine Archivist

Lesser God

Symbol: An Open Book

Alignment: LN

Portfolio: Knowledge, Scholarship, Science, Doctors

Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Adrius is an accidentally ascended deity. In attempting to unravel the secrets of magic, he accidentally learned the Language of Changing which the gods used to control reality. Because of the accidental and blameless nature of his ascendancy, Aesur allowed him his own place in the Heavens as the Archivist of all divine knowledge


Adrius is a supprisingly demanding god. He requires immense self-discipline from his followers, but cares little what they do outside his domain. First, he commands that his followers learn everything they can on a great variety of subjects, and further that they should record any information discover on their own. Further, he commands that his subjects share their knowledge with anyone willing to learn.

Temples and Clergy

Adrius’s temples are libraries, and almost every library is, in fact, a temple of Adrius. His priests are the librarians of these institution and will happily share their knowledge and the knowledge contained therein with anyone.

However they are loath to let a precious volume outside of the premises. They will, however, allow anyone to copy a passage or even a whole volume if they wish.


A member of Heavens, Adrius keeps to himself. Of all of the Gods, he feels the closest kinship with Ysira, whom he has nurtured a futile romantic interest in, and Correllus, whom he sees as a kindred soul. He has no enemies among the gods.


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