Lightbringer, Undefeated Sun, Dusklord, King of the Heaven and Hell

Greater God

Symbol: A rising sun with resplendent rays (Lightbringer), a fully displayed stylized sun (Undefeated), or a half red disc (Dusklord)

Home Plane: The Heavens

Alignment: LG

Portfolio: Sun, Fire, Sky, Humans, Victory, and Justice

Domains: Air, Fire, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength, Sun, War

Favored Weapon: Mace (Lightbringer), Longsword (Undefeated Sun), Warhammer (Dusklord)

Aesur is the youngest and most powerful of the Four Primordial Deities sung into existance by Correllus. Through a series of conflicts with rival deities, he has become the undisputed master of The Heavens, the Earth, and even Hell itself.

Aesur has three aspects which he takes every day. In the morning he is Aesur Lightbringer, who is the loving father of mankind. In the afternoon, he is Aesur the Undefeated Sun, champion of all things holy. When he sets, he becomes Aesur the Dusklord, who judges the souls of all who died that day.


Aesur is the lord of all things under the sky and brooks no competition. His laws are steel and he has little mercy for those who disobey them. He expects humans to conduct themselves as befits the Children of the Sun. Honesty, Integrity, and Honor are all virtues. Evil must be opposed.

Aesur’s greatest weakness as a ruler, by his own admission, is his fanatical devotion to his own rules. Once every generation, he invests a small portion of his power and consciousness into a mortal. Most of the time, that mortal lives and dies with little consequence. However, on the rare occasion that this mortal is martyred or dies in a particularly terrible way, Aesur will consider this man’s life, as he just lived it, and change his laws accordingly.

The Elyssian who lived during the Dragon Wars was sacrificed by a Magelord in an attempt to steal a portion of Aesur’s Divine Spark. This resulted in the Sun God abolishing the practice of Magic.

Clergy and Temples

Clerics of Aesur follow one of three sects. The Clerics of Aesur the Lightbringer concern themselves with helping the less fortunate and to gently sheparding sinners back into Light of the Sun God. Clerics of Aesur the Undefeated Sun concern themselves with destroying evil where it bears its head proudly. Clerics of Aesur the Dusklord are Judges and Inquisitors, and seek out the evil and unlawful where it hides its face.

For the purposes of alignment rules, each aspect of Aesur is considered a different God, meaning that a Chaotic Good cleric can still follow Aesur’s (NG) Lightbringer aspect, and a Lawful Evil cleric can still devote himself to his (LN) Dusklord self.

Temples to Aesur tend to be made of marble or other light stone and feature golden or bronze filligree. They always use natural light, and often feature a dome with an occulus. You can find one temple to Aesur in every sizable human settlement.


Aesur is Lord of the Heavens. He is the father of Zoraya, Ysira, and Aevisa. He was once married to Lithis but has slept with the other two Primal Gods as well. He and Ysira have a complicated and antagonistic relationship. For his part, the Moon Goddess reminds him of his compound failure surrounding her birth. Even her victories shame him, and so he rarely allows her to be in his presence.


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