The Wanderer, the Master-Singer, the First One, Father Song

Intermediate God

Symbol: A Harp

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: Art, Music, Bards, Wanderers, Travelers, Craftsmen, Tradesmen

Domains: Artifice, Chaos, Knowledge, Good, Travel

Favored Weapon: A woodsman’s axe

Corellus is the first of the Gods, having traveled to this cosmos from an earlier one at the dawn of time. His song brought world to life. Despite the lofty role he played in the creation of the universe, he opts for the humble position of God of Bards and Wanderers.


Corellus’s dogma can be explained simply. Your curiosity should be boundless. Should the wisdom of your elders not sate it, you should seek to explore the answers yourself. Having explored, you will gain experience. Through Experience, comes Wisdom, and from wisdom are drawn lessons to share with the world.

Clergy and Temples

The clerics of Corellus are often wandering priests who assist travelers on the road. Shrines to the Wanderer can often be found in wayhouses and inns, but there is only one true temple to the god, located in the city of Academie.


Corellus is technically the creator of Lithis, Nerai, Malvena and Aesur, but tends not to draw attention to that fact. He is the father of Lathan, and the husband of Adellena though they are both frequently unfaithful to each other. He is also partially responsible for the creation of the Queen of Air and Darkness, for she grew of the portions of Adellena that he severed with his axe.


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