The Sidhe are the aristocracy of the Fey. The 13 Greater Houses can each trace their origin and progenitor to Adellena herself, and many of the countless Lesser Houses claim to be able to do the same.

However the political landscape of the Sidhe is constantly fluid. Shifting alliances between the two courts, and even the shifting leadership of the houses themselves can quickly make a former member of good standing become an Exile. And, as the saying goes, a Sidhe without a family is no Sidhe at all.

Those who are so ousted find themselves stripped of their immortality and power which is their birthright. They are cast onto the mortal plane, alone and friendless, to fend for themselves. Humans have called these exiles “Elves” after the ancient Alfaen Empire, which humanity overthrew during the Fey Wars.

Society and Culture

Elves are not terribly common in the world, so it is rare to find enough of them to form a unique culture. During times of extreme unrest in Faerie, small groups of Elves have been known to band together, forming simulacra of Sidhe society. However there is no true elven nation on the Prime Material.

With one exception. A large chain of islands off the coast of Arkay was ceded to a group of 300 Elven Exiles by the Red Emperor at the beginning of the war. It is said that the group were exiled by Malvena herself, for failing to prevent the War from happening in the first place. How the Earth Mother would have known about the War ahead of time or why she would have wanted to stop it remain a mystery.

The Nation of Naratoma remains controled by an elven elite warrior caste throughout the war.


Elves tend to still venerate the deities of Faerie. Malvena is revered above all others, but most pay lip service to either the Queen or Adellena (or both), and some choose to follow the Wandering Path of Corellus.


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