Intermediate God

Symbol: A Trident

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: Waves, Sea Creatures, Fishermen, Sea Captains

Domains: Animal, Good, Water, Nobility

Lathan is a benevolent god of the Sea. Though his specific perview is over all natural creatures that live beneath the waves, he acts as his mother’s regent in almost all things, tempering her madness and keeping the Court of the Deep in order.


Lathan has a very thorough dogma, however most of it is directed towards his own children, the Merfolk. Among humanity, he concerns himself only with those who live off of the sea. He advises simple ethics about sustainable fishing techniques and that’s about it.

Temples and Clergy

Most human priests of Lathan are retired fishermen, though he has many much more powerful priests among the Merfolk. His human priests are sometimes called to act as emmisaries between the merfolk and the land dwellers.


Lathan is the son of Nerai and Corellus. He is close to and very protective of his mother but has little to do with his father. Though he is wary of his sibling Daegen, he believes that, for the moment, he has control over the aberrant god. He is husband to Zoraya, whom he loves dearly and studiously avoids any discussion about his father-in-law. He loves his son, Tamvor, but is often disappointed with his choices in life.


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