Intermediate God

Symbol: A Double-Bladed Axe

Alignment: CN

Portfolio: War, Battle, Revenge, the Forge

Domains: Artifice, Destruction, Fire, Strength, War

Favored Weapon: Battle Axe

As a mortal, Aesur gave him his own fires so that Raestor could forge a weapon capable of slaying a god. Although he never used it for its intended purpose, Godslayer took the lives of Fey during that First War.


The God of War preaches that glory on the battlefield is the highest possible goal in life. Winning and losing are less important than acquitting yourself admirably on the battlefield.

Clergy and Temples

Priests of the War God are often battle clerics, who charge into the fray with their flock before healing up the survivors afterwards.


Raestor technically serves Aesur even though the two of them rarely see eye to eye. He has a friendly rivalry with Gerigon, whom he once foiled as a mortal.


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