The Queen of Air and Darkness

Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A black rose with bloody thorns
Home Plane: Faerie
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Hatred, Cruelty, Pain, Predators
Domains: Air, Darkness, Chaos, Evil
Favored Weapon: A spiked chain

The Queen of the Unseelie court is a dark twin of Adellena, born literally of the same flesh and blood. While she is no longer controlled by the Dark Goddess Lithis, she the experience left her mind and soul twisted. At the end of the Demon War, at the founding of the Unseelie Court, the Adellena asked her sister how it was that she could be so cruel when they are all but one in the same. The Queen laughed darkly before replying “You still have your innocence.”


There is no Dogma. There is no doctrine. In every petty cruelty inflicted upon others, in every dark fantasy you entertain about hurting those who are close to you, the Queen is with you. In the end, the Queen is with us all at least some of the time.

Clergy and Temples

If there are any mad enough to serve the Queen of Air and Darkness directly as a priest, they certainly are not foolish enough to do so openly.

As such, there are no temples.


The Queen of Air and Darkness is part of the Faerie Pantheon. She despises her sister with a cold, vicious, focused kind of hatred. Malvena has made it clear that she accepts the Queen as a second daughter, and the Queen, for her part, is coldly respectful towards the authority the Earth Mother represents. While she certainly has no love for Lithis, she understands her better than any creature alive, and despite their past misgivings they have been known to work together.

The Queen of Air and Darkness

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