Queen of Love

Intermediate Goddess

Symbol: A Rose

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: Beauty, Love, Lust, Reigning Queens

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck, Nobility, Protection

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Adellena is the beloved Queen of the Seelie Court, Adellena is both the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the firstborn of the Sidhe. She has a larger following among “civilized” humans than any other god of Faerie. She is as loving as she is beautiful, however her affections can be fickle. She has been known to take mortal lovers, most notably, an unnamed man in the Gale Islands with whom she remained for the span of a mortal lifetime and had many children with.


Love without reservations. Love with your whole being. Love all. Pleasure is good. Love is good. The combination of the two is excellent. Each love is different. Some loves are temporary. Some are forever. But neither is more worthy.

Clergy and Temples

The Clerics of Adellena are expected to live their lives by her teachings. Many of them form mated pairs who travel together, preaching her teachings, but as many move from relationship to relationship, loving many over their lives with few regrets. Those who marry purely for love will often seek a Priest of Adellena to do the ceremony.


Adellena is the immaculately conceived daughter of Malvena. She is married to Corellus but the two of them are often at odds ever since she was tainted by the essence of Lithis, an incident which resulted in her husband severing the portions of her tainted by the Dark Goddess with an Axe. There are rumors in the fey court that a splinter of cruelty remains in her heart, a lingering effect of Lithis’ taint, and that the one she loves most is the focus of that cruelty. Thus, she has been known to taunt him with other lovers and to occasionally banish him from her court for little reason, only to accept him back with open arms when the sickness has passed.


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