The Grain Mother
Lesser Goddess

Symbol: A Stalk of Grain

Alignment: NG

Portfolio: Agriculture, Healing, Family, Compromise, Halflings

Domains: Animal, Community, Healing, Plant Domain

Favored Weapon: A scythe

Aevisa is a warm goddess, beloved by farmers and others who work the land. In a sense, she represents that of nature which has been made to serve mankind, and so represents agriculture, cultivation, and the use of healing herbs. She has a special relationship with halflings, who chose to remain in Avarda largely because of her presence.


The Grain Mother seeks peace above all things. Hard work justifies rewards, and simple pleasures are often the greatest. Never let your mind turn to violence.

Clergy and Temples

The Priesthood of Aevisa is almost always found in farming communities, the priests themselves work along side their flock. It is extraordinarily rare for a Priest of Aevisa to take up an adventuring career.

Temples are constructed very simply, usually a small structure with wooden pews and unpainted walls.


Aevisa is the daughter of Aesur by Malvena. She remains with her father in the Heavens, seeking to temper his extremes. She is not known to have any particular affinity for or against any other God.


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