The Allfather of Aberrations, the Deep One, the Coiled Malevolence
Intermediate God

Symbol: A Cluster of black tentacles

Alignment: CE

Portfolio: Sea Monsters, Destruction, Aberations, Madness, Chaos

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness, Strength, Water

Favored Weapon: A Whip

There will come a time when the sea comes up to swallow the land. There will come a time when the sea-mist clogs the sky and chokes the sun, moon and stars. There will come a time when the divisions between the elements drawn so long ago by the Wanderer will blur and then vanish entirely. There will come a time when the great miasmic void will swallow all.

This is Daegen’s vision. This is Daegen’s purpose. This is Daegen’s goal.

Stronger than any being in existence Daegen waits for the opportunity to use that strength. Even Aesur, mightiest of the gods, could not kill him, only escape him.

In the end, none will remain but him, swimming alone through the endless mists to find a new world to destroy.


Daegen’s prophecy is known among the aberrant species of world. Those who adhere to his vision seek to find a way to plummet the earth beneath the sea, believing that then and only then will Daegen rise and sing the Song of Unmaking.

Clergy and Temples

Mortals are repugnant to the Allfather of Aberrations, weak beings best served as food for his hungry children. However should a mortal be suicidally mad enough to pledge his service to the Deep One, Daegen will allow him access to spells while slowly leading both the mortal Cleric and any foolish enough to follow him to their dooms.

Daegen will only sanctify a defiled temple of another god as a temple of his religion.


Daegen is a fringe member of the Deep Court. He feels something approaching affection for his mother, but generally despises all other gods.


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