Greater Goddess:

Symbol: A Black Dagger

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Portfolio: Darkness, Undeath, Revenge

Domains: Air, Darkness, Death, Evil

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Lithis was once the Goddess of the Sky, Queen of Heaven. Then Aesur came and usurped her authority. The two of them were married for a time, but Lithis always secretly resented him. She attempted to kill her husband, but only succeeded in driving him from Heaven.

After being cast down and slain, she exists now only as a malevolent dark intelligence in the darkest reigons of the abyss. But even dead, she still lives on, as the goddess of darkness and undeath.


The Dark Goddess wishes for nothing more than to cause as much suffering as possible to Aesur. The corruption of his precious mankind is an effective means to that end. Lithis promises her followers power, often the power to revenge themselves upon those who have wronged them. In return, she expects devotion to her own goals, usually somehow damaging the Church of Aesur.

Clergy and Temples

Cults of Lithis have been virulent throughout the Age of Heroes. They are always secretive, and the priests thereof do their best to hide their identities and those of their flock

In that vein, the temples of the Dark Goddess are almost always disguised as something else, shrines hidden in secret rooms or hidden in plain sight as a temple of a different god.


With the exception of Daegen, there are no deities as malevolent as Lithis. While she has no allies except, occasionally, the Queen of Air and Darkness, her hatred for Aesur and Ysira burn with a cold fire.


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