The magelords were almost godlike, powerful spellcasters from the Age of Heroes. All of them had managed to stave Death’s call almost indefinitely although each of them jealously guarded the secret of how.

Here’s a brief of the Magelord’s I know existed

  • Xerxes, The Golden Emperor: Half-dragon sorcerer who managed to inherit a small empire for himself from his Draconic mother. Inadvertantly caused the Dragon Wars. Most powerful Sorcerer in history. His Tower was located near the middle of Oestria’s east coast, and his area of influence extended to most of Oestria. His life was stolen by Gerigon.
  • Harad, the Storm Lord: Second most powerful Sorcerer in history, his tower was located on the Gale Isles, an archepelego in the northern Sea of Trade. Slain by Tamvor
  • Narazant, the White: A slowly dying wizard who attempted to ascend to Godhood. His relatively modest tower was located in the far northern regions of Oestria. He was slain by Aesur himself.
  • Mircalla, the Witch Queen: A reputed vampire, a truly wicked creature who allegedly bathed in the blood of virgins. She commanded at least the respect of all of her contemporary witches, and usually their fealty and service. Her tower was located on the central peak of Hvitirland, a large island off the northern coast of Oestria and commonly thought to be the coldest place in the world. Aesur smote her from existence.
  • Zolymein, King of Genie: Wise Summoner King who wielded a crown that would make outsiders subservient to him. His tower was located in the Desert of Al Gheib. Aesur publicaly revoked its power and he was torn to pieces by his servants.
  • Dmitry Vezirov: Advisor to Tzar Peotr Ravanoff of Urska. Secretly manipulated the course of events over several generations, but prefered not to rule himself. His tower was located in the capital city Voskova and was very modest by magelord standards. His phylactery was shattered by a soldier in service to Raestor
  • Kasim Ellar: former magelord of Le Tres Sorelle Spietati. Renounced his position after resigning a duel to a rival Magelord. Killed mysteriously many years later, but well before the end of the War.
  • Il Magnifico Signore Senza Riserve: The magelord who took Ellar’s place as Lord of Le Tres Sorelle Spietati. Fabulously wealthy, foppish, easily bored. In the end, Adrius, god of knowledge, simultaniously undid every spell he had cast on himself and his tower, and he was crushed to death under its weight.

If you want to create a Magelord, figure out roughly where you want them to have been (Oestria=Western Europe and Scandinavia, Orientis=Eastern Europe and East Asia, Surva = Africa, Al Ghieb=Middle East, Dhurga=India and Southeast Asia, Sea of Trade =…Mediteranian/Caribbean/British Isles), and how they died at the end.

Notes on things.

  • For lack of a better way of defining a magelord, we are dealing with high-power spellcasters with nearly godlike power, who used said power to either protect surrounding areas from dragons or to simply control those same areas. Generally their magical power was prominently displayed within the confines of their domain, for instance using a legion of the dead to till the fields, or the use of magical street lighting.
  • Each of the magelords constructed a Tower which served as the focal point of their domain. While there was definitely some good old fashion drawing lines on maps, in general, each magelord controlled everything that they could see while standing atop their tower. Towers were almost never constructed within sight of one another.
  • Almost Every magelord had figured out a way of halting their aging, either through undeath or other means. It takes more than a normal human lifespan to accumulate as much power as they did.
  • Towers were, almost always, magically constructed, often being too tall to stand with mundane architecture (or at least with the building materials and techniques of the time).
  • For the most part, the gods of the Heavens and the Underworld took part in the killing. The gods of Faerie and the Deep don’t really have a reason to follow Aesur’s Edicts.
  • Ysira did not take part in killing the Magelords. Aesur imprisoned her in her palace for the disobedience.
  • Reyas also abstained from the killing but somehow managed to weasel his way out of punishment for disobedience.
  • Most of the Magelords were taken out in painfully ironic ways.


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