The Unfathomable, Mother of Monsters
Greater Goddess
Symbol: A dark blue disc
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Water, The Deep Ocean
Favored Weapon: Harpoon

Nerai is strange and unknowable. She never speaks and whether or not she can understand any language is debatable. Her strangeness has led to her being segregated from her siblings and her loneliness drives her every action.


Nerai has no dogma. Her followers focus on a medatative contemplation and an attempt (acknowledged as futile) to understand their strange and distant goddess.

Temple and Clergy

The Clergy of Nerai form a mystery cult, their temples are often hidden within the basement of other buildings and her priests wear masks when practitioning in public. While they’ve never been persicuted by the church of Aesur, they seem to believe that it is important to hide the identities of those who follow the Unfathomable Goddess


Nerai is the Primal Goddess of Water and mother of three important deities. Early in her life, she attempted to immitate Malvena’s immaculate conceptions. The result was the horrifying monster Daegen. Later, when the God of Art Correllus traveled the seas, she used a dinner of oysters to seduce him. She later gave birth to Lathas, who manages his mother’s affairs and, it is said, undertands her best of any creature. Finally, when Aesur was cast from heaven, she used the same trick on him to become pregnant with Ysira, who spends the days with her mother in the sea, and to whom the goddess reaches for during the night to create the tides.


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