The Trickster God
Lesser God

Symbol: A Knave Playing Card of any Suit

Alignment: CN

Portfolio: Tricksters, Thieves, Gamblers, Actors

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Trickery

Favored Weapon: Dart

Reyas was a relatively young deity during your time. The story goes that an incredibly talented and experienced thief known as Zeras traveled the planes to find the Palace of Moonlight, where the Goddess Ysira rests. He crept into her window, seeking to steal her mirror, but found the Goddess herself there, and stole her heart instead.

The fruit of their love was the newborn God of rogues and wanders.


You don’t know much about Reyas’ Dogma

Clergy and Temples

Reyas did not have much in the way of a Clergy or Temples back when


Reyas is the son of Ysira. He exists as a thorn in the side Aesur.


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