God of Storms
Intermediate God

Symbol: A Hand Holding a Lightningbolt

Alignment: CG

Portfolio: Storms, Weather, Anger, Omens

Domains: Air, Chaos, Destruction, Strength, Weather

Favored Weapon: Javelin

It is said that when Tamvor was born, he spent many years with his Father in the Deep. He would test his strength against Daegen in the inky darkness. He had heard stories of his grandfather Aesur’s might, but believed himself the stronger. So, once fully grown, he immerged from the sea, bellowing a challenge to the heavens. Aesur emmerged to fight this upstart god, and though they fought for days on end, the sun broke through the clouds at last. Tamvor accepted his defeat with a belly laugh and swore to serve Aesur, until, of course, such a time when he could defeat the sun god.

Tamvor is the second strongest of Heaven’s gods and often serves as the wrath of Aesur himself.


Tamvor does not believe in Dogma. Right and wrong are usually obvious to anyone with a lick of sense, and if it isn’t? Let the Aesurites decide it. What is true, however, is that the righteous are your allies, and the unrighteous are your foes, to be struck down in the name of Heaven.

Clergy and Temples

There are very few priests of the Storm God. Most of his mortal servants are druids. However a few wandering warrior priests of the storm have been known to rove the country side, looking for any evil worth smiting.

There are few true Temples to the Storm God, but shrines can usually be found atop mountains, usually with a great iron pole thrust high into the heavens to attract lightning.


Tamvor is the son of Lathan and Zoraya and harbors a fondness for both parents, though he rarely listens to anything either of them have to say. He has sworn his allegiance to Aesur and will unquestioningly follow his commands. He believes that, in the end of days, he will fight the Serpent Daegen, and that only one of them will survive.


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