The Dreamer

Lesser Deity

Symbol: A Weather Vane

Home Plane: The Heavens

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Portfolio: Wind, Sailors, Freedom, Flying Creatures

Domains: Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation, Weather

Favored Weapon: Longbow

Zoraya is the Goddess Wind and personal freedom, an irony considering that Aesur controls most aspects of her life. Despite this, she encourages her followers to live life the way she knows she never can. For this reason, she is called the Dreamer.


Zoraya teaches that one’s personal freedom is sacred. By that, she means the freedom to do and be whatever you want without inhibiting the freedom of those around you. She demands that her followers never lose sight of their dreams, especially in the face adversity

Temple and Clergy

Zoraya has little in the way of formalized clergy. Almost every sea-side settlement will have a shrine or small temple devoted to her, usually next to one devoted to her husband Lathan. Most of her priests are retired sailors or the family of sailors who informally pass the rites and rituals on to one another.


Zoraya is a minor deity on the heavens. She disagrees with her father’s ironfisted rule but loves him despite these flaws. She spends any time she can with her husband, Lathan, God of the Sea.


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